VPN, which is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, is a service that permits you to go around any restrictions based on country that websites or online services could have. Using this service, your Internet connection goes through a third-party hosting machine, so you connect only to it and every site that you open is accessed using the server IP address, making it a proxy. Because your actual Internet protocol address or location are never disclosed, using a Virtual private network will also maximize your security when you access any content online since it will appear that the Virtual private network server is the one opening a site, for instance, and not you directly. That way you can open content that is restricted either by the provider which offers it or by your Internet provider. We provide you with VPN access through several locations throughout the world as an element of all of our hosting packages and if your websites are accommodated on our hosting machines, you could take full advantage of this service without having to pay anything on top of the hosting fee.
VPN Traffic in Cloud Hosting
The VPN access is available automatically regardless of the cloud hosting plan you sign up for and you shall discover the settings, the login credentials and a list of our hosting machines inside the Virtual private network section of your Hepsia hosting Control Panel. With simply a couple of clicks you'll be able to access any content which is blocked within your country or that's restricted only to a particular country as we have hosting servers which you'll be able to use all over the world. This way you shall have the freedom to access social networks or online streaming services no matter what as it will seem that you're in Europe, in North America or any other area you see within your Control Panel as we keep adding hosting machines everyday. The Virtual private network filter tool, that you can enable at any time, will block all undesirable content including ads or huge images, which means less traffic and swifter loading speeds for the content that you wish to access.